Timpa Law Office, Rockwall, TX provides help with Spousal Support and MaintenanceAs parties begin the divorce process, typically both spouses are concerned about how to continue to pay for and maintain their current financial obligations. Texas courts have the authority to award a party temporary spousal support during the pendency of a divorce matter and the authority to award a spouse post-divorce spousal maintenance at the conclusion of the divorce. Texas law provides that spouses have a duty to support the other and in many cases courts will award temporary spousal support to protect the assets of the community estate and provide for the needs of the parties during the pendency of the divorce.

Further, Texas family code provides for post-divorce spousal maintenance in some circumstances. There are various requirements that a spouse must meet to qualify for post-divorce spousal maintenance; one such example, is a requirement that relates to the length of the parties marriage. If a court awards a spouse post-divorce maintenance, the amount and duration of the award of spousal maintenance can vary depending on the circumstances. After the parties divorce, it is possible for a party ordered to pay spousal support to seek a modification of a previously ordered spousal support obligation.

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