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Paternity Attorneys Rockwall, TX

When the child’s biological father has not been established by law as the father of the child, it is necessary to obtain a court order adjudicating his parentage and establishing him as the father of the child. A court order establishing the father as the parent of the child or an acknowledgment of paternity properly executed and filed will establish the parent-child relationship for all purposes. In any event, there should be a court order establishing parental rights, child custody, child visitation, child support, and health-care expenses related to the child.It is very important for father to establish his rights and determine what his child support obligation may be for a child.

Contrary to the notion that a child support obligation does not exist if parentage is not established between the father and the child, a parent has a duty to support their child even if they have not been ordered to do so. In fact, this obligation may be imposed by a court retroactively and it is much better to know what your child support obligation is sooner rather than later, as a large child support obligation could accrue. Additionally, it is important for parents to establish child custody and each parent’s visitation with the child in a court order, because if there is no court order regarding the child, parents have an equal right to possession of the child and one parent could withhold the child from the other parent. No parent wants to see their child as a pawn in a tug of war.

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