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Child Support Modification Attorneys – Timpa Law Office, Rockwall, TX

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Once you have obtained a court order regarding a child, that court order may be modified by the court if circumstances of any party and/or the child materially and substantially change. Orders relating to child custody, child visitation, child support, health-care expenses of the child, and other issues relating to the child can be addressed in a modification proceeding. As time passes and circumstances change, the order you previously obtained may become unworkable and a modified order would be in the best interest of the child.

Additionally, unforeseen circumstances may arise that have not been addressed in previous orders, which require you to seek a modification of order that does address those issues. One of the most common types of modification actions, is a modification suit to increase child support. As time progresses, child support obligors salaries usually increase; therefore, an adjustment or increase in child support may be warranted and in the best interest of the child. Conversely, if a child support obligor is terminated from employment and/or his net income decreases, he or she may wish to file a modification suit seeking a decrease or reduction in child support.

Another example of a modification suit is when a party seeks to modify child custody order, because a child has reached the age to elect with which party he or she wants to reside and has made said election. Further, parties will on occasion seek to modify the domicile restriction imposed on a party in a prior court order. For example, if the mother has the exclusive right to establish the primary residence within Rockwall and surrounding counties, and she is offered a job with a substantial pay increase in another county or even in another state, she may wish to file a modification suit to lift or modify the restriction on the primary residence of the child. These are just a few reasons why parties file modification suits; there are many reasons that could precipitate a modification suit regarding a child.

Timpa Law Office has handled many such modification suits and is able to assist you if you require representation in this area.

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