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Collaborative Lawyers

Collaborative Law is an effective and efficient process available to parties to resolve their disputes outside of the courtroom. Collaborative Law is a private and confidential process that is used for conducting settlement negotiations with the ultimate goal of the parties reaching a final settlement agreement that resolves their family law issues. Many parties feel that this process provides them the ability to effectively communicate with the other party in a dignified manner while working together to resolve their disputes. If all parties to a dispute agree to use the Collaborative Law process to resolve their family law issues, they will execute an agreement to participate in the Collaborative Law process.

Collaborative Law is a process that may be used to resolve issues relating to divorce, child custody, child visitation, child support, pre-martial agreements and post-martial agreements, and any other family law issue. Parties participating in the Collaborative Law process enjoy the benefits derived from engaging in a private and confidential process where they can resolve their sensitive family law issues in a civilized, respectful, and creative manner. Many parties prefer the use of the Collaborative Law process when attempting to resolve their family law disputes, as the parties may creatively craft a resolution that addresses their specific needs rather than trying their issues in court.

The Collaborative Law process entails a series of joint informal meetings involving the parties, their attorneys, and other professionals who may be helpful in the resolution of their issues. While participating in the Collaborative Law process, parties engage in informal discovery and exchange documents, and may retain neutral experts or other professionals, if needed, to assist them and their attorneys in resolution of their disputes. Most parties willingly exchange information.

Timpa Law Office has experience in assisting clients with the Collaborative Law process and helping clients evaluate whether it is an appropriate approach to resolution in a particular situation.

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