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Many times in adoption cases, one or both of the biological parents of a child have had their rights terminated, either voluntarily or involuntarily. One of the most common types of adoptions is an adoption by a stepparent which would require the termination of a parent’s parental rights. For example, if a mother and father of a child are separated or divorced and the father of the child chooses to voluntarily terminate his parental rights, then the stepfather may choose to file a petition for adoption of his stepchild. In these cases both the biological mother and stepfather would jointly petition the court for the stepfather to adopt the child.


There are occasions when grandparents pursue the adoption of their grandchildren. Texas family law provides for varying rights of grandparents in certain circumstance. Adoption and termination suits are just a few examples of causes of action that a grandparent may pursue in relation to a child, but certainly are not the only causes of action for which Texas family law provides for grandparents.

Third Party

There are certain circumstances that will give rise to a third party having the right to file an adoption suit. Just as grandparents have additional causes of actions that they may pursue, third parties also have additional causes of action that they may also pursue, if they have standing to do so pursuant to Texas family law.

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