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Restraining Orders Attorney

Sometimes it may be necessary to protect yourself, your child, and/or your property in your family law matter. It is not unusual for a court to grant a temporary restraining order in situations that warrant additional protection, such as in cases of physical abuse. In fact, many courts have instituted and signed standing orders in their county that provide some measure of protection for parties. Even if a court has standing orders, there are occasions when a more specific and/or more onerous restraining order is necessary.

On those occasions, and when a court does not have a standing order, you may need the services of an attorney to draft and present a restraining order to a judge to protect you and/or your family and/or your property. In those instances, it may be advisable to retain the services of a seasoned family law attorney who can efficiently present the restraining order to the court for the court’s review and approval. For example, a wife may be concerned that her husband is going to hide assets or liquidate assets and she may want to have an order put in place to prevent those things from happening.

Another example of when a restraining order may be necessary to protect you or your family, is a situation when a parent is using or abusing drugs and/or alcohol and is a danger to the child; clearly, a parent should immediately seek a restraining order to preclude the parent who is dangerous to the child from having possession or unsupervised access of the child.

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